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New Website...

I am working on my new Website! There is a lot to do, but I will do it step by step.
Pleasant activity for rainy days.

The Mont-Blanc and his hut.

Some colours on the page, a few recent images…

The ermine is wearing the wrong camouflage dress.

… 2 generations of chamois

Playing marmots

Unexpected pleasant encounter

A little personal experience:

Some time ago I decided to make landscape pictures in the Alps, at 2500 m.  The weather report announced variable conditions by the end of the day, just what I needed!
After some hours walking on the mountain, I found the right place to set up my tripod. The sky was becoming more and more dark and a strong wind started to blow, but I kept taking pictures as the sun was still playing with the dark clouds; I didn’t need more to be happy! When the first drops fell, I closed the photographic session and went back to the hut.
Once I retourned home and had a look on my images I got a bad surprise: the pictures were not sharp at all. My tripod is a very good one but not heavy enough for this kind of wind. Therefore, next time I will have to be more careful and try to do a better job. For this there are two solutions: either I use the same tripod stabilized by a bag filled with stones to improve its stability, or I use a bigger tripod, more stable but also heavier.

My Booklet (Livret) is published in the electronic form by KOBO!

To acquire an electronic copy of this Booklet, go on the link below.
Price of the electronic booklet: CHF 7.48 


This booklet can be consulted on a e-reader KOBO, on a computer (PC or MAC), a tablet or a smartphone. You will have to install a small downloadable free application at the following address:


Good reading!

Vincent Chabloz’s new movie:  PREMIERES LOGES

To see the trailer click on: PREMIÈRES LOGES

Publication of an article with my pictures in Nat’Images / N. 45

Early morning, the ibex is already present!

Sunset on the Swiss Alps (Valais)

Short final!

Last lights of the day!

Meeting with another… Bernard

A few days in the mountains with an expert photographer of high altitude difficult species.
It was necessary to get up early, walk with a headlamp to reach the ridge in order to try to find the animals we planned to immortalize. The success is not always there. Experience, stealth and tenacity will contribute to the
good results of the “expedition”.
We spent a lot of good moments together, talked about our experiences and as usual, the time went by too fast! Thank you Bernard for sharing with us these wonderful days.

Always better to look where you put your feet … these precious flowers are so delicate.

I use the Web Gallery Dorado on this website. I am satisfied with this Plugin, which works very well.

I had to make some adjustments on this gallery and I called 3 times the Hot Line for assistance. The answers were speedy, clear and precise. The modifications were made without any problem! I thank Suzie for her good advice and congratulate the company on the seriousness of its follow-up.

See you soon for new images!




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