Blog – 2018


A year is over! 

I wish you all the best for 2019!



Thousands of applications, millions of users, a new way to use your computer! Fast and attractive, Ubuntu is an intuitive and secure operating system, ideal for desktops, servers, netbooks and laptops. Ubuntu is free and is composed of software that are also free. I decided to “tackle” Linux and I installed a physical “Dual boot” on my desktop computer (1 to 4 SATA 3 Switch Bay EX-3465) from EXSYS. This module can easily be installed in a 3.5″ or 5.25″ front slot because the kit includes an adapter. A documentation (in German) is delivered with the kit. I installed 2 SSD hard disks on this module, so I can switch from one disk to the other when starting the computer. On the first disk my Windows 10 system is set up and on the second disk I installed Ubuntu 18.10. One computer… two operating systems available with a keyboard, a mouse, a scanner and two screens common to these two systems. The installation was easy, whereas the scanner recognition gave me some troubles. Now I am slowly becoming familiar with this new system and I will use it for all Internet-related works.

(Christmas Market) of Magasin du Monde, Vallorbe
I will be present at this event; an opportunity for me to present a small overview of my activities and some articles (calendars, postcards, greetings cards, small books, etc.)

Expo Photos à la Galeire de l’Hôpital de Nyon
An exhibition at the Nyon hospital ( G. H. O. L ) to present high altitude landscapes, flora and fauna of these places. These images will be presented in 3 different formats: 40×60, 50×75 and 60×90 cm. Other items such as books, postcards, greeting cards, calendars are also available on this occasion.
Expo Photos ” La Montagne s’invite à Vouvry”
I will expose about sixty images in large formats on Dibond at the Espace Culturel of Vouvry in Valais (Switzerland). The entrance is free and the gallery was open at 3pm to 6pm from Thursday to Sunday. The vernissage of this exhibition will be on Friday, September 21 at 6:00 pm. Different themes was presented: – The middle mountain – Wildlife in winter – High mountain landscapes – Wildlife in summer – Black and white images – Landscapes and their autumn wildlife Books, Slideshows, Greeting Cards, T-shirts, Calendars, Postcards, Clocks will also be on sale at the exhibition site.

Festival de la Salamandre 2018
An image of our exhibition during the  Salamandre Festival 2017 to announce the next  Festival at the Théâtre de Beausobre in Morges! Thank you for the wink and for the good organisation of this event.

17-25.03.2018 40 me d’Art et d’Artisanat (de la Vallée de Joux) A one-week event in this wonderful cultural center (l’Essor) of the Commune du Chenit, in Le Sentier. Many visitors, good exchanges and the week went by very fast! Many thanks to the organisers of this event!