Printing & Layout



Work on your file
To maximise color coherence between your screen and mine, it is important to calibrate it. Screen calibration will also minimise color variations beween screen and paper.
Send me a 8-bit or 16-bit TIF file and I will print it on the paper of your choice. 

Choice of paper:

Several paper types are available. Fine art paper (matt), semi gloss  and other less expensive supports.
We can talk about the paper you need, depending on your taste and your projects.
I work with Epson, Xerox and Emblem papers.


Files preparation:

If you are not equipped for or not interested in making the minimum necessary post-treatment on your images, I can propose you this service against remuneration,
which is fonction of the work requested. For a simple treatement (levels, luminosity, contrast) the additional cost will not be very high. I will contact you once I have
visualized the file to give you an evaluation of costs generated by this activity. Please note that I will keeep your files during one month and then destroy it.

Printing informations:

I use a printer EPSON Stylus Pro 7900. I can print images of a maximal width of 60 cm for a length
to be defined (paper rolls).
The consumables are supplied by Epson and the ink used is “pigmentary ultrachrome”. The graphic
chain is calibrated, the working screens as well as the printer.
I am equipped to create my  own screen and paper profiles.

Finishing touches:

Your image can be glued to a 3 mm thick aluminium sheet called “©Dibond” through a 60 cm wide laminator.
It is also possible to stick the photo on a 10 mm plastic support called “©Stadur”.
2 hooks will be applied on the Dibond to suspend it.

It is also possible to fix the Dibond in a wooden or aluminum American box.

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Prints delivery:

The Dibonds will be adequately packed to protect them during the transport. It is necessary
to pick them up at my residence. In case of delivery to the customer address, an additional cost will be charged.


It will be discussed during the first contact and defined according to your requirements and my availability.


For the new customers, 50 % of the final invoice will be collected with the firm order and the rest of the amount
on delivery. For the other customers a 30 days invoice will be issued.



Creation of flyers, business cards, conception and layout of documents.

For any questions, do not hesitate to contact me using the form below. I will be happy to answer you as soon as possible!