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I started taking pictures during my trips abroad over thirty years ago. When digital photography appeared, I changed film, slides and camera for the new technology. Quality has slowly improved, prices have become more accessible and little by little naturalistic photography has been filling a great part of my free time for the last twenty years. Macrophotography, landscape, flora or animals are all subjects that I’m very enthusiastic about.

High in the mountains, peace and tranquillity offer good opportunities to encounter several species of animals that bring happiness to photographers close to nature. Of course, everything has its price. The environment may be difficult, sometimes challenging, and it can also be dangerous if the elements are not taken seriously.

So I chose the mountain as my favourite place to work. In this activity everything is paid for in cash. The weather conditions are not always mild and favourable; the backpack cannot be ignored. You have to constantly make compromises and choose the right equipment adapted to your purpose. In winter, you have to wait in the cold to catch your subjects, which often do not show up and force you to get back home empty-handed… Masochistic, perhaps? Yes, you might think so but if you show perseverance, you will eventually reach your goal. Then, the euphoria you feel makes you forget the difficulties and gives you the best motivation for all the next outings… successful or not!

Some events related to my activity:

A few trips:

1999                   Canada
2002                   Sicily
2003                  Yellowstone during the winter
2004                  Spain, meeting wolves
2004                  France, Dombes, first contact with the floating hide
2006                  Ukraine
2006                  Sweden
2004                  Spain
2005                  Bulgaria, first trip, discovery of this wild country
2005                  Anticosti (Canada)
2007-2014     Several trips to Sweden and Bulgaria
2014                   Norway
2015                   Sweden – Norway
2016                   Bulgaria
2017                   Bulgaria
2022                   Bulgaria

Some exhibitions and projections:

2009                  Pronatura Geneva Competition, exhibition on Quai Wilson
2009                  Exhibition in Crest (France)
2009                  Valphotos 2010 calendar

2010                   Exhibition in Salanfe
2010                   Exhibition at Raiffeisen Bank in Nyon
2010                   3 Italian National Parks competition, 1st prize for mammals
2010                   Nat’ Images publication
2010                   Photo Echo Magazine Reader
2010                   Valphotos 2011 calendar

2011                    Valphotos 2012 calendar

2012                   Nat’ Images publication
2012                   Exhibition in Vallée de Joux
2012                   Christmas Market in Vallorbe
2012                   Valphotos 2013 calendar

2013                   Cluses (France), Images & Neige Exhibition with ASPN
2013                   Bex Festival, exhibition and slide show projection
2013                   4th meeting of the mountain image Bourg d’ Oisan, Parc des Ecrins (France)
2013                   Exhibition in Männedorf / Zürich
2013                   Salamandre Festival in Morges
2013                   Publication in the Oikos Institute’s book “The ibex in Lombardy and the Alpine Arc”
2013                   Valphotos 2014 calendar

2014                   Cluses (France), Images & Neige Exhibition with ASPN
2014                   Festival in Vaudioux (France) with SWP
2014                   Festival SPA St-Légier with SWP
2014                   Slide show Festival of La Tourrette (France), slide show projection
2014                   Festival de Montier en Der (France) with the SWP
2014                   Christmas Market in Vallorbe
2014                   Valphotos 2015 calendar

2015                   Cluses (France), Images & Neige Exhibition with ASPN
2015                   Slide show Festival of La Tourrette (France) , slide show projection
2015                   Bolle Foundation Exhibition in Morges
2015                   Publication in the book of Benoît Viollier, article about my photography
2015                   Salamandre Festival in Morges
2015                   Exhibition at the Museum of Bagnes in Le Châble
2015                   Valphotos 2016 calendar

2016                   Cluses (France), Images & Neige Exhibition
2016                   Creation of the individual firm Valphotos
2016                   Transport Handicap Calendar 2017
2016                   Exhibition at Raiffeisen Bank in Chavornay
2016                   Exhibition at Raiffeisen Bank in Nyon
2016                   Valphotos 2017 calendar

2017                  Exhibition at Raiffeisen Bank in Nyon
2017                  Publication of a new booklet: Symphonie multicolore au fil des saisons / A Symphony
                               of Seasonal Colors
2017                  Upload of my new booklet on KOBO
2017                  Salamandre Festival in Morges
2017                  Nat’ Images publication (No 45 Auguste-September P. 66 à 69)
2017                  Valphotos 2018 calendar
2017                  Christmas Market in Vallorbe
2017                  Website Valphotos renewal

2018                 Participation at the “43rd Annuelle d’ Art et d’Artisanat” at
                              L’Essor in Le Sentier (Vallée de Joux) from 18 to 25 March
                              2018 from 14h00 to 18h00 – closed on Monday. Last day,
                              closing at 5 pm
2018                Participation at the “Swiss Photo Club PHOTO AWARDS Geneva 2018”
2018                Projection of a slide show at the Crots “Nature and photograohy Festival” (26-27 May 2018)
2018                Construction of the website and start up in June
2018                Expo Photos ” La Montagne s’invite à Vouvry”
2018-2019   Photo exhibition at the “Galerie de l’Hôpital de Nyon”
2018                (Christmas Market) of Magasin du Monde, Vallorbe

2019                Photo exhibition at the “Galerie de l’Hôpital de Nyon” until 31.01.2019
2019                Photo exhibition at the “Galerie de l’Hôpital de Lavaux” from 04.02.2019 to 30.03.2019
2019                (Christmas Market) of Magasin du Monde, Vallorbe

2020               Creation and sale of a new slideshow entitled: “The feets in the snow from sea level to over 13450 ft”.
2020              Creation and sale of a new slideshow entitled: “4 seasons of altitude”
2020              No exhibition this year due to “Covid-19”
2021                Small Exhibition in the Firm “À LIVRE OUVERT”
2022                “Insects from Lake Geneva to the Jura” Exhibition at the Fondation Bolle in Morges
2022                Nature Photography Festival in Crots, Hautes Alpes
2022                Exhibition at l’Essor, Cultural Center on the Sentier
2022                Creation of 2023 Calendar
2023                Creation of a book entitled ALTITUDE
2023                ValTV Interview
2023                Creation of 2024 Calendar