Sale of my Images







Sizes of images:

The images can be printed in standard sizes as:

  • 10×15 cm
  • A5
  • A4
  • A3
  • 40×60 cm
  • 50×75 cm
  • 60×90 cm
  • Panoramas of 40 – 50 – 60 cms high.

They can  also be printed in sizes defined by yourself.

My pictures presented in various galleries of this Website are only an overview of my complete collection. If you are interested in a particular topic (animals, flowers, landscape, …) you can contact me using the form below and ask for more images regarding it.

Price list:

My images are fixed on a 3 mm aluminum  plate. The price of this assembly depends on the size as shown below:

  •   A3               :                                       50.- CHF
  • 30×30 cm:                                        72.- CHF
  • 30×40 cm:                                        96.- CHF
  • 40×60 cm:                                      192.- CHF
  • 50×50 cm:                                     200.- CHF
  • 50×75 cm:                                     300.- CHF
  • 50×135 cm (Panorama):        690.- CHF
  • 50×165 cm (Panorama):        860.- CHF
  • 50×230 cm (Panorama):     1500.- CHF

  • 60×60 cm:                                    300.- CHF
  • 60×90 cm:                                    400.- CHF

It is also possible to fix the images on a plastic support (©Stadur), less expensive than aluminum (©Dibond). Stadur is lighter than Dibond but its deformation resistance is less good than aluminum.

Images already fixed in frames:

I have several images already fixed in wooden or aluminum frames. See below a sample:



These images in a 40×60 wooden frame, are sold for a price of  150.- CHF. These images in a 50×70 aluminuim frame  are sold for a price of 250.- CHF.

Images forms :

The images of the galleries, can be printed but they can also be bought in electronic form.
The price of the electronic form depends on the use of the images. I am available to give you more details on this matter.

To order one or more pictures use the form below. When I receive your message I will give you my account ID. You just have to pay the necessary amount and after reception of your payment, I will prepare the article(s) and let you know when you can pick it/them up or discuss delivery arrangements.